$$$ and Rabies

In my dream I owned two apartments. One was in a city and had a big glass window. The other was somewhat close to it but it was in a building shared by everyone in my family. I frequently switched between the two.

Then, a strange outbreak of rabies started. Infected people would be quite sick and sometimes violent. It was almost a plague, and many people were dying from it.

I remember at one point I was eating dinner in a bar and the bartender made me do all the dishes. I was very angry.

Later, I discovered who was behind the rabies epidemic. It was a well dressed man with a mullet. He was tall and thin. He began driving his huge car through a field where people were sitting or laying down, running them over. He unleashed his dog on them. It was a dog with no skin, and was very vicious.

I hid in a tree that had a giant knot hole in it. I went in and found six black bags. They were all filled with cash! The thin evil man saw me, and I knew they were his bags. I quickly ran into my apartment and locked the doors. He smashed the window down and came in. Just then, my dad came in with a gun and saved me. The bad guy went to jail and the rabies epidemic cleared up and best of all I was rich! Fin.



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