I had a dream I was attending some sort of school during the day. I was an adult, so I’m not sure what kind of school it was. It was structured like an elementary school but everyone was adults.

For lunch break I jumped into the lake with my clothes in. That was a cool part!

After the school day ended, I walked down to the corner with my friends. It was dark out. Three zombies came toward us and we told them to sit down. (In this universe zombies didn’t attack, they just wandered aimlessly and acted like idiots.)

The zombies belonged to my teacher, but she had left for the night and so we had to take care of them until she came back.

Then, one of my classmates was walking by holding her stomach. She was making a face like she was in pain and she said “I think I’m having contractions!” I walked over and I asked if she was for real and she said of course she was for real. She told me I would have to deliver the baby. I said no way and dialed 911 on my cell phone.

The woman on the phone had a thick indian accent and was hard to understand. She kept asking me if this was a prank call and generally being difficult.

Eventually the ambulance came and took the girl away and the baby was born healthy. Probably.



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