Terrors from the Deep

I had a very scary dream, but I don’t remember a lot of it.

It started out on a cruise ship. I was enjoying myself on the deck one fine evening. The weather was perfect and the sky was clear and starry. Suddenly, the water became quite choppy. Large waves began to form perpendicular to our trajectory.

It was quite strange, as the wind was obviously not the cause. The captain nervously spoke of turbulence in the water, and asked us to all be seated and to be careful. The black water was swirling around and the ship began to heavily rock and shake.

Then, suddenly, a loud boom happened. The ship was slammed hard by some massive force under the water. The ship creaked and groaned as it rocked sideways form the force. Then, suddenly, BOOM, another crash. Then, a giant beast rose from the water under the ship and cracked the entire thing in half.

Keep in mind the ship was large but certainly not the size of the Titanic. Much of it was wood on the interior and splinters and boards split and flew everywhere.

The water splashed all around us and I saw people flying in the depths of the water. I tumbled into the water myself and was immersed in the blackness. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw the silhouetted outlines of massive figures in the water heading toward me.

It was a whale. Specifically it was a Spike Whale, a fictional type of whales invented by my subconscious. They were about the size of two and a half Orca whales. The behemoth opened its mouth wide. It seemed to unhinge its jaw like a snake and its mouth was filled with jagged teeth.

It opened the gigantic mouth and began to suck in. Debris and bubbles and people were swept inside its terrific maw and were lost in its darkness.

It closed its mouth again and blood began seeping from its jaws. Then I noticed that beyond the Spike Whale were about ten other massive Spike Whales. They were swimming like a school of fish.

I saw them each open their mouths and suck in like vacuums, bringing in fishes and pieces of wood and metal. People disappeared into their teeth and were lost forever. I began to struggle for air. I was struck with a terrifying thought: if I don’t go up for air I will die. If I go up for air I will not be able to see the Spike Whales and they could close in on me. I knew that I stood no chance and that luck was my only hope.

I was overcome by a feeling of hopelessness. I had witnessed my family inhaled by these beasts and I began to panic. The Spike Whale heading toward me opened its gaping mouth and I felt the water push me into it. Inside there was some strange light and I could see a digestive tract that was lined with thousands of tiny spikes. Stuck in the spines were human bones with the flesh rent from them. Blood stained the inky water and suddenly the walls closed in.

Then I woke up.



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