Another dream where a family member tries to kill me

In this dream, I learned that my friend’s house in Virginia was accessible through a series of basements in different houses. It was only a 30 minute walk, and all the basements were connected. I remember opening a refrigerator in one and there was a plate of jello with a hundred spiders all over it.

I arrived in Virginia quickly, and enjoyed the company of my friends.

Later, I was back home and I was at my uncles house. He had a knife and a hammer, and was trying to kill  me. I was hiding in a panel under the floor holding an awl. When he walked by I stabbed it through is foot and ran into another room. I had accidentally dropped the awl. All I had was a few sewing needles.

I remember this part lasted a long time. We basically tried to kill each other for a while, it was boring. Then we decided that we should just settle a truce, because we both thought the other one was a cool person. So then we stopped trying to kill each other. The end!



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