Invasion, Domestic Disturbance

I had a dream that my Mom’s boyfriend of 12 years was cheating on her with my 19 year old cousin. It was revealed by accident while we were all having dinner in a cabin. He denied it, of course, but there was video evidence. I remarked on how disgusting that was, considering I knew that she was also sleeping around with people at a job I used to have.

My mother and him were fighting intensely, and I was angry. I smashed a plastic telephone on the floor, and I remember how easy it was to shatter it. Suddenly there was a strange “ticktickticktick” sound. I went over to the open window and glanced out on the porch. There were creatures that looked like spiders. Upon closer inspection I saw that they were tiny multicolored crabs. There was thousands. Accompanying them were larger crabs about the size of a really big dog.

The larger crabs were rapidly changing color between bright shades of red, blue, violet and orange. They had bright white eyes that were glowing and they were slowly advancing on the cabin. The thousands of tiny crabs clicked their claws and moved forward as well. I quickly closed the window.

I remember saying to myself “At least this is a dream…” and then I looked around and looked at my hand. Then I said “Uh oh. This is not a dream. It is 100% real!” So I panicked and began rushing around the house and closing the windows while my family argued. I knew the evil crabs would kill us.



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