I had a dream that I visited New York City for a couple weeks. I asked a local restaurant if I could work as a busboy while I was there. They agreed because they needed help and my friend recommended them. She was a waitress there, and we would be working together.

On my first night working, I brought chips to the tables, brought waters, and cleaned up the tables when people left. People did not seem to like me, mostly because I was clumsy and slow. I remember the restaurant looked very run down and the food looked bad, but it was still a semi-popular place.

My friend said that her shift was over and that the other waiter would be there very soon. I continued to do my best for the tables, but they were growing impatient without any waiters on staff. They got really rude and verbally made fun of me. I felt bad!

I called my friend and told her that the other waiter had not yet arrived, and she told me to wait just a few minutes more. It had been about 30 minutes with no waiters, and it was getting real awkward. My friend decided to come back and help out until the new waiter arrived. She called our boss, and he got really angry, and just then, the new waiter showed up.

This was a weird/boring dream.



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