Series of dreams

I had a series of strange dream in between hitting snooze on my alarm clock.

DREAM 1: I picked up two toads. One in each hand. They had grayish skin but their flesh was covered in a million tiny balls of different colors. It looked like they were dipped in round sprinkles. They made no noises and remained calm in my hands.

DREAM 2: I was at a party with a friend from high school. A few of my other friends were there. My friend had a motor scooter that I wanted to ride. I had a Wolverine action figure and I was trying to assemble it at the party.

DREAM 3: I was talking to a girl who was criticizing the sexual position that another girl preferred. She was talking really fast and using complex terms I’d never heard about. She said she preferred the “Three-quarters half-face cowgirl” position. What.

DREAM 4: I slipped and fell on slippery ice and I think I broke some bones.


The end.



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