Zombie Dream!

I had a dream I was staying at my dad’s apartment in Houston. I was in the lobby when suddenly a helicopter flew overhead and sprayed mysterious chemicals down on the cemetery near by. Soon, several bodies were clambering up the terrain and grasping at the doors in order to get in. I quickly locked the doors and attempting to move on with my day.

I went upstairs and slept. The next morning, my dad saw on the news that the whole country has been infested with the walking dead. The news said the situation is under control and that most of the bodies could be killed easily. I sighed and went down to the lobby to check out the situation.

There was an investigator down there gawking at something. I looked past him and saw what it was: a toddler’s leg. It was standing on its own, hopping a little in order to step. The skin was mottled gray and it wore a faded pink shoe with lace. It was a little girl’s severed leg walking around.

I don’t remember much after that. I was at a friend’s house and they claimed that they could get me a plane ticket back to New York. My sister was with me. We took them up on the offer and precariously drove through the zombielands in order to get to the airport.



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