Almost Lucid

I had a dream that I was on a date with a girl I met at a bar. It was going well, we were talking a lot and making jokes and it was fun. Neither of us were drinking too much. The bar was pretty hoppin’ for a Saturday night and we were just trying to talk over the loudness.

Suddenly, the lights cut out and its dark but not 100% dark. I can see someone from my highschool enter the room with guns and begin shooting at everyone. A bunch of people fall to the ground and screams erupt in every direction. Suddenly, the shooter walks behind the back corner and I take the opportunity to run outside and hide in the bushes. I hear shooting for a long time, and it is very intense.

Soon, the shooter walks outside to where I am hiding. He doesn’t see me. Then, a bunch of cop cars show up and there is a short standoff before he gives up and is arrested. I walk back inside and find the girl I was on a date with. She looks shaken but we are both fine. There’s a lot of dead bodies around. We hug each other and go our separate ways.

I goot home really late to my house and my mom asks why I am so late. I explain what happened, and this is the part where I ask myself if it is a dream. I’m explaining that someone shot a bunch of people in the bar, and I’m thinking “Is this real? Was that a dream?”

I ultimately decide that because I am now safe at home (a home I’ve never seen) that it could not have been a dream. But I knew it felt like a dream. I thought I was just shaken from the shooting. I then took a shower. I noticed there was a weird bug on my skin and I pulled it off and squished it with a paper towel.

The end.



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