Lucid Movie Time

I feel that when one is “napping” lucid dreams are more prone to occur. A few days ago I had an odd experience. I fell asleep propped up on my bed, with a bunch of pillows behind my head. I reached over and touched a bearded face, and I said “Jacob what movie are you watching?” then a voice said “LETY, YOU FELL ASLEEP! AND IT’S NOT JACOB IT’S JOEL!!” and I woke up and looked at him and the TV, and said, “I am so sorry dude, I fell asleep”, he said “Yeah you did!!” and I felt so embarrassed.

But then I knew I was dreaming and I said “no way this is happening? but I am dreaming? apologize to Joel again!” I then said “I AM DREAMING!” Then I woke up. It felt super real though, more than most dreams, so I am classifying this a lucid dream.



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