The Sea

I had another dream where I was not the main character. Instead, I watched an old man in this dream. His job was to prepare a stage area for a school that was to hold a graduation ceremony in the middle of the sea. The school was at sea, and the platform where they would graduate was in the middle of the water.

He decided to build a giant pillar of water that would glow. Inside it he placed fish of all types. It looked really good, except after it was built he realized that it was structurally unsound. He was worried that the tank would burst during the graduation ceremony, and he alerted the dean. The dean didn’t care and he fired the old man.

Of course the tank burst during the ceremony and water flooded the area and many people drowned.

The end.

There was a part where I was in this dream, and I was asking if anyone had any bricks to secure the base of the tank but everyone said no. They only had candy. I had this kind of candy that was the shape of uncooked spaghetti noodles but was made of Necco Wafer material. Yum.



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