I had a dream that I found the headquarters of the Freemasons in Houston. They were very exclusive but I wanted to get inside and learn their secrets. I began going there a lot and trying to convince them to allow me to join. Soon they hated me! So they kidnapped my sister.

I was furious, as was my dad. He brought his gun to their headquarters and it turned out they were also the Illuminati. He would not let me join him on his quest. He never came back!

Now I was quite furious. I decided to use my switchblade and sneak inside the headquarters to see where my family was. I remember being ready to kill anyone who stood in my way. I eventually found my dad. He was very upset and scarred, and he wouldn’t speak to me about what he experienced. He did not find my sister.

As I was preparing to enter their headquarters, I was thinking about the police. They wouldn’t do anything to retrieve my sister because there was no proof. (P.S. My sister is pregnant so I was doubly angry!). I was also afraid that they would somehow blame it on me and have me arrested. It was time to take things into my own hands.

Then I woke up.



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