My dream was all over the place. I had a best friend whom I’ve never met. She was this girl, she was real energetic and nice. We would always hang out. We then went to a pageant, it was a men’s celebrity pageant. We walked in right when the challenge was “Walking around naked.” To sum it up, I remember laughing at the size of Leonardo DiCaprio’s penis. After that HOOT. My dream jumped to Joel and I at a market. We went back into the car because it was real cloudy and thundering. We were driving back home when on our way there was a car stopped at the median. We stopped because there was a red light. I saw a lady dressed in black victorian mourning clothes step out of a car. The car seemed modern, but it wasn’t only her dressed that way, the chauffeur was too and another lady stepped out of the car wearing the most beautiful outfit. I looked at them in awe. One of them comes up to the car and says “you all  play games?” I responded “I don’t play games or sports.” She then replied “GOOD, PULL UP, WE NEED TO TALK.” Joel then said “These ladies are creepy” and as soon as the light turned green we drove off. I was so sad, their outfits were amazing and I wanted to talk more to them about where they got them.



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