Childhood Home

I had a dream that I was invited to dinner at the house I grew up in. An elderly woman now lived there and somehow she knew that my family and I wanted to tour the house. I remember eating a turkey sandwich in the kitchen, and checking out the play room. There was a drawing that I made still in there, as well as a letter from my childhood pen pal.

Upstairs, my sister and I sat in her old room. We talked about what she used to have on her walls and where her posters used to be. I don’t remember going in my room but I do remember going into the attic. It used to be decrepit and scary but they had restored it into a nice lounge area. It was really nice.

I think this dream was influenced by The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway says something about coming from a house that was from the era where houses were named by the family that had lived there for generations. In my dream this was the “Moses House” and the old woman respected that. That is why she wanted us to see it before she moved away.



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