Finally I get to post this.

My negligence is getting out of control. Finally after 5 days of having a phenomenon occur in my sleep/wake… whatever, I blog it.

I woke up from a stupid dream. I lay in my bed and I could see my fan going, my easel and my entire surroundings quite well. I sleep  with the closet light on cause I am a pussy, but now I know that even sleeping with the lights on does not save you from a fright.

k well, I could hear someone downstairs, and come up stairs. I figured it was my father since he always leaves for work at around 5 am. (I thought it was 5am or something). I was laying on my side with my left ear side up and I was facing away from my door. All of a sudden I feel someone standing behind me. I was not frightened I figured it was my father, so I thought hey, “should I turn around or say hi, or just pretend like im still sleeping?” and of course I chose the latter. As soon as I thought of that and closed my eyes, whatever was standing beside me starting screaming so loud. It was gibberish, a woman was screaming gibberish into my ear “BBBAAAAHHHGGRRRRBLAARGHCBWLS” I then got scared and my whole body started vibrating, so I closed my eyes even tighter and said “MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU!” and it stopped.

I turned around and saw nothing, except for a huge coat I had hanging from my window from about 1905 but what wasn’t were the energy was coming from. So I grabbed my phone, and I had no missed calls, no texts, so that couldn’t have created the sound. My computer was also off. I then called Robert like six times and he wouldn’t answer his goddamned phone. Also I realized the time was only 2am. So, I called my parents downstairs. My father comes up and as soon as he comes up his arms are covered in goosebumps, and he said what’s wrong? It feels strange in here. So I told him about my experience and he immediately  stars blaming all my antiques scattered about the room.

After some research science tells me that the experience was sleep paralysis/ exploding ear. Ghosts or not, it was frightening, but nothing is going to stop me from collecting antiques.




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