I had a dream that Lety and I both lived in a large victorian mansion. We had two other room mates, but they were made-up people. (Let’s call them Lester and Gary). We all tried to contact spirits, it was sort of our hobby. In our spare time we would sit with candles lit and beg the ancient ghosts to visit us. Well, it never worked!

Then one day, when Lety was at work and it was just me and Lester, we got a visit at the door. Two old men said they were inspectors and that they would like to speak with us. They told us they had information about a possible gas leak on the block and that they needed to search our house. They looked very official and carried briefcases. They searched the house, thanked us, and left.

The next night we gathered together to speak with the dead. All four of us sat and asked for any of the spirits to join us in the room. Suddenly we heard a creak. A hushed excitement passed over us. Then we heard footsteps up the stairs. When they got to the door, the window opposite the door opened. Then it closed and opened again. The door began violently swinging open as well. The lights flickered and a cold wind gusted through the room.

We were terrified, and we hid under the table. Then it stopped. Lety and Gary ran downstairs in terror. Lester and I slowly got out from under the table and began to inspect the room. Then we heard a voice. There was a little girl standing in the doorway. She told us that someone bad was after us. We assumed it was another sinister ghost.

This little girl was very friendly to us. She told us a little about the afterlife. She told us she used to live in the house. She said her body was in a casket in the basement walls along with other family members. We asked who the evil ghost was that was after us. Just then, we heard a loud knocking on the door downstairs. The little girl disappeared. We called Lety and Gary on their cell phones but neither one answered.

We went downstairs and answered the door. Standing there were the two men from before. They were pointing guns at us. They told us that contact with the dead had occurred at this location and that they must take us into custody. We knew that if they took us we would never see the light of day again.

Lester and I both ran. We ran outside and down the side of the house. Suddenly they were standing there, too. One walked with a cane and I grabbed it out of his hand and started hitting it against his shins. He smiled at me and said something like “Things hurt a lot less when you’re dead.”

I gasped. They shot Lester in the head and took out this small black box. When they opened it his soul jumped out of his body and into the box. I knew that Lety and Gary had already been captured inside the box and I was really scared. The old men looked at me with a sinister grin and aimed their guns.



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