I was hiding behind bushes near some woods, staring at an old victorian mansion in amazement. I would often go sit behind those bushes, stare and watch lights flicker on and off. I always wondered though, why I had never seen anyone come in or out of the house. One day in one of my staring expeditions, I saw an old man standing outside on a small deck on the second floor.

I walked up the stairs going up to the deck and I asked him if he lived here. He said, “not quite”. I then said, may I speak to the owner and he said “of course, let me go get her she’s inside.” I waited for a long time but he never came back out. He left the deck door open so I decided to walk inside. The house was magnificent. I looked everywhere for signs of life, but the house was semi empty, ransacked and dusty. I could not find the old man and the “lady”. It was getting dark so I decided to leave.

I came back the next day. I had plans to spend the night and see if the old man or the lady showed up. I figured maybe he was a hobo, and he would return. It was getting quite dark, I had set up camp in one of the bedrooms. I lit a gas lamp (because the lights were not working for some reason) and walked around. I saw someone walk across the hall from one room to the other. “I said, hello!? please talk to me, I mean no harm, I have questions about the house!” I finally caught up to the person and it was an old lady. She said “It’s too late, you are already cursed, the only way you will be free is if this house BURNS! BURNS TO THE GROUND! IT MUST BURN!”  I said “how am I cursed?” she whispered “you will see, you will be trapped here like me.” and I heard pans and dishes thrash in the kitchen and the house creaked and shuddered for a second. I said “What happened here?” and she just disappeared. I kept looking around the house but now it was desolate. I got pretty freaked out and decided to get out of there.

I was back at my house, my mother was there wondering where I was. I told her I was over a friends house. I went in my room and kept thinking about what that lady told me. I finally went to bed. The next day weird things started happening. I would see clouds of black smoke billowing in the distance. All I could hear in my head was “BURN, BURN!” I would tell my mom “LOOK UP, DONT YOU SEE THE CLOUDS OF SMOKE?” my mother did not see anything. I couldn’t understand.

At home strange things were happening. I would close cabinet doors, I would turn back around and they were open. I would look in the mirror and see someone dash behind me. At night I would open my closet door and see a silhouette in front of me in the darkness, as soon as I turned the light on it would disappear. As days went by the haunting would get worse. I would lose my balance and hit myself on things, for no reason, like someone pushed me. Lights would flickr on and off. The silhouette I would see in front of me now had features of a man. I was terrified.

The worst event was, I was in the kitchen with my mom and she had a pan out. The pan floated up in the air and swung towards me. I dogged it and it landed on the floor. My mom came running in and said “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I told her we had to get out of the house. I had to go burn down the house before something killed me and I would be trapped in that house forever. I ran out of the house and took a lighter and a small tank of gas my father had laying around in the garage.

I ran to the victorian house. I would always walk by a jungle gym, I saw a girl teetering from the top of a pole connected to the monkey bars. I had no idea how she got up there and not fall. She said “COME ON AND JOIN ME, WE CAN BE FRIENDS FOREVER!” I saw her jump from bar to bar and then jump on a slide and slide down and she started running towards me. She seemed familiar but I did not fall for her tricks so I ran away from her screaming. I finally got to the house and started pouring gasoline all around it. I lit it and it went up in flames. I could hear someone inside of it scream “Its burning, its burning!!!” and I saw the man that would appear to me peek out of a smoke filled window, his eyes gleamed. I sat there, sweating staring at the house crumble in front of me.



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