Creepy Dream about the Catholics

I had a dream that I was visiting a really large catholic church with my friend. We thought perhaps it was haunted and we began going around the outside inspecting it. We noted the basement had bars over the tiny windows like prison cells. I made a joke that that was where they kept the church prisoners.

We went inside and there were some people mingling about. We started looking at the sculptures and the architecture. I have always liked catholic churches. We decided to sneak into the basement.

When we got down there, there were three hooded figures standing in a room in a circle. We tried to make it look like we didn’t see them and turn around but they came after us. They grabbed my friend and one of them said through a strange mask “The power of Christ shall run through you!” And they began pulling her down the hallway.

I ran after them and noticed that the ceiling was getting lower the further we got down the hall. They seemed to zoom right down and into a door. I tried to follow but the ceiling got so low that I had to crawl, and soon I was laying all the way down with the carpeted ceiling against my whole body pinned against the floor. I don’t know how they got through such a narrow part of the hall.

I tried to scoot backwards but I was stuck. It was terrifying! But I could wiggle slightly, so I knew I could get out. It took me about fifteen minutes to finally wiggle backwards and into the hallway. I ran back to the lobby of the church in a panic.

My dream then skips to a room full of people inside a room of the church. A bunch of scarred looking people are sitting down and there’s a priest and a woman dressed nicely. Everyone in the room is going around and saying how they were kidnapped by the church and that they couldn’t remember what happened to them but that it scarred them for life.

My friend was one of these people. I was there as a witness. Soon the priest and the woman were convincing the kidnapped people that they invented the whole event. They said that they had issues in their lives to work through. Everyone had a notebook that they wrote down everything they could remember about the events. I was the only one encouraging everyone to keep these notes. Soon their memories would come back, I thought. But they were so discouraged that they decided to go home. The priest told them all to throw out their notes.

I told them “Give them to me. I’ll hold onto them. Please just don’t throw them away.” So they gave me their journals and left for home. As I was leaving the priest was giving me a sinister stare.

The End.



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