We must run to the museum!

Ok  so… In my dream my parents owned a large restaurant, that also served as a house for the “groundskeepers” who were a family of four. The restaurant was temporarily closed for some repairs because the ice machine overflowed and it looked like a blizzard hit the kitchen. Amy and both of the groundskeepers kids were climbing on the mountain of ice and as they reached the 7ft summit they would dig up alcoholic treasures. It was a good time despite setbacks.

I was making my way towards to the back of the place to get to the keepers quarters and I remember seeing a bunch of baby ducks just waddling around aimlessly about their living room. I did no question it. I alerted them that my family and I were going to run some errands. The wife was an invalid and was missing legs, but refused to used a wheel chair and would drag herself on the floor. She slowly crawled toward me and said “Have a good time miss, I will see you soon.”

My family and I were leaving through a side door in the restaurant when we hear some guys bust through the front door. Shattered glass hit the floor and men with huge semi automatic guns start to pour in. One saw me and pointed his gun toward me. We all ran out as fast as we could! I was wearing my victorian boots and they were not really good for running. My father stopped and said he was going to return to save the family left behind. We restrained him, and I said “THEY WILL KILL US, WE MUST KEEP RUNNING, THEY WILL COME AFTER US, THEY KNOW I SAW THEM!”

We continued to run and I suggested we go to the museum, there was no way they could find us there. When we finally got there, there was a farmers market going on. As I looked at the veggies and dry goods I noticed everything was covered in hay and rat poop. I was freaking out. Everyone offered us to buy from them. They were desperate, pulling and tugging at us, shoving rat soiled things in our face. We ran from there and decided to go back to the restaurant.

The restaurant was silent and dark. We were worried the bad guys were still there we checked carefully and the house was vacant… or so it seemed. As I ran to check on the family, I opened their door and they were all laying on the couch with one gun shot to the head. Scene: Four clean shots, and the bunch of baby ducks sleeping on top of their corpses. I woke up. The end.



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