Mighty Max

Suddenly in my dream I was Mighty Max, one of my favorite toys from my childhood. Since the early 1990s I was trapped in this horror world. I was bored of the adventure, you might say. I was walking along when suddenly a shadow version of me rose out of the mud. I knew that it wanted to kill me but I was so used to this evil that I just sighed, and said, “Hey, hold still for a moment” and I walked around the back of it and slowly stabbed it through the head with a spike. It crumpled into dirt and I kept walking.

Soon I found a cave, and I went inside thinking maybe I could find shelter for the night. Inside was a warm room with a bed. The bed had sheets and was perfectly clean. The closet was full of survival gear and clothes exactly my size. I walked into it and found a new pair of shoes. Mine were nearly destroyed so I was so relieved to see them. I sat on the bed and slipped them on. They were way too big. I said out loud, “These boots are huge!!!!!”

The end.



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