More Zombies

I had a dream that the world was being attacked by zombies. My dream started when my mom and I stayed in a tent in the woods because our home was compromised by zombies. Soon we met up with a bunch of her friends. We took all of our things and went inside a house in the woods. My mom and her friends told me to stay put and that they would be back in a couple hours, they were going to look for supplies. They took my car and I never saw them again.

The night they left was pretty spooky. I saw them walking around in the woods. I didn’t sleep at all because I was waiting for my party to get back. The next day, a group of girls knocked on the door and begged for me to let them in. I did, beginning to think my mother was never coming back. The girls told me that the world was heavily overtaken but that the humans were winning. One girl (lets call her Cindy) brought me outside and showed me that the zombies were weak and could easily be killed. She stabbed a zombie in the head with a stick and it died. Their flesh was very weak and soft. We killed all the zombies near my house and went back inside.

The next day, Cindy’s friends left and abandoned us. Cindy said that she was going to go into town and find her other friends. I told her to hurry back with them. She left and I was home alone again. Soon, the zombies began to circle the house and bang on the back door. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ran out of the house and into town. The town was mostly okay. There were no zombies and there was even electricity. I went to the movie theater and said a movie. I heard a news broadcast say that the zombie problem was over.

This was a pretty boring dream, sorry. It was fun while it happened though.



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