Metallic Messengers

I had a dream that I was at my friends’ new apartment. I discovered these strange metallic shapes hanging from the ceiling. They were the size and shape of pint glasses, but were made of aged brass. One had slits going up the length of it and was burning orange like flames. The other one was not burning and was more cone shaped.

I began to hit the one that was burning with a stick and it came to life, bouncing off the wall and throwing itself at me. Whenever it would touch me it would burn me really badly but I kept hitting it with the stick and dodging it. Soon after it died, the other device began to make a mechanical clicking sound. I put my hand under the cone shape and these tiny metal filaments began to come out. Some of them were lines and some of them were circles or curve shapes. We began to realize that we could make them into letters and that it was supposed to spell out a message, but we couldn’t decode it.

Afterwards, me and Lety were outside of the apartment. There was a spooky corridor that led to a mysterious basement that we wanted to explore. People kept coming in and out of the corridor who looked very strange. Some looked like meth-heads and others looked like gangsters or dangerous people in general, so we didn’t end up going in.



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