Jungle Hotel

I was at a jungle themed hotel with a few friends of mine. William, Robert and Caroline even though she makes no appearance in the dream I still knew she was there. The hotel was set up like a labyrinth so it was nearly impossible to get to and from your room. So William and I decided to go exploring. The hallways were covered in underbrush. They also led to giant flimsy cages filled with wild animals. Tigers were circling around in one, and William started shouting at them. He laughed obnoxiously, the tigers were obviously agitated and started to ram their bodies against the cage. William kept laughing, and I was terrified, he grabbed both of my arms and set me right in front of the cage and said, they wont kill you! I gained composure and tried staring at these creatures straight in the eyes. We then heard a loud banging sound from the other side of the building. We headed toward that direction, and we realized the sound was a stampede of giant elephants hurdling down the hall. We ran into a vacant hotel room. There was a window and it was open, it smelled of sulphur, and ashes started pouring in through the windows, after that, red hot lava started heading towards the room. I could barely breathe, and I passed out. I woke up a while later and Robert was in the room trying to wake me up, and I said. The LAVA WILL KILL YOU! “What lava?” he replied. I looked around and everything seemed fine. I looked around the room for any signs of a volcanic explosion. There were these little silver nuggets on the ground, that were steaming. I said, “look, its that!” Robert then held up a plastic head beside his face and both started saying “that is not what you think it is, you are crazy!”  Thats all I remember.



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