Empty Rink

I had this dream yesterday, but I was very busy and was not able to blog it. Here I am today though.

This dream felt extremely real. I was going to ice skate at the Galleria. The mall looked like it had been abandoned for a couple of decades. Facades of old stores remained. At Cinnabon, old moldy cinnamon rolls still remained behind the glass. Rainforest Cafe was behind opaque plastic drapes hanging from the ceiling, it looked like it was undergoing construction. Even though the mall seemed abandoned and run down people were still christmas shopping. The ice skating rink instead of being ice, was concrete. You could hear ice skate blades scraping across the floor. My sister was twirling and jumping. I look up and the christmas tree in the middle of the rink and it disappeared and turned into a pile of ash.  Afterwords someone screamed at me, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS OVER DRAFTED!

I woke up. I checked my bank account, and indeed I over drafted unknowingly about 2 days before. GREAT.



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