Surreal Vacation Home

I had a dream that I was staying with a family in a vacation home on a lake. They were nice people but very uptight and somewhat private. They seemed okay at first but slowly seemed more guarded and secretive. Strange things began to happen, such as strange sounds in the night, and strange weather.

One night I heard a crackling sound coming from outside my window. I crept downstairs and went out on the front porch. There were fireworks shooting out over the wispy pine trees on the horizon. They would go up and crackle and explode, and fade out slowly. I noticed that the neighbors were outside watching, too. I waved to them. Just as they waved back, a firework rained down on us and we were showered in light. The ashes landed everywhere and suddenly a CRASH! was heard. A man -another guest of the house I was staying in- had jumped out of the 2nd story window and fell crumpled on the ground. Just as that happened, the fireworks got immediately bright, and began to overtake the sky. Rays of light tore through the night and it seemed to transport the front porch into a new dimension of light.

I awoke in bed. I asked my hosts if they had witnessed the event the night before. They were incredibly offended and forbade me from speaking to the neighbors. One of them was seated in the living room! It was the man from next door. I gave a knowing nod and walked outside and immediately over to the neighbor’s house. I knocked on the door and the older woman opened it and let me inside. Inside there were two old people int he corner hooked up to life support machines. The woman didn’t talk much but told me that she and her husband were leaving to go back to Russia in the morning. I tried to ask about what happened last night but the woman didn’t say anything.

The end.

Kind of a stupid dream.



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