Tiny sheep and a beat up child

This dream was all over the place, maybe because I went to bed drunk and high at the same time drinking champaign on an airplane. K I will never make that joke again, but really It was probably that.

I remember tiny sheep just running into a huge ballroom type place I was in. They were extremely adorable. They had black little heads and feet and tiny fluffy white bodies.

There was a party going on, and lots of people dancing away. I was there with a few new friends. One girl brought her little sister to the party, she was about 8 years old. The dancing crowd was enormous and was getting out of hand. The child walked into it and got beat up, and fell unconscious. Her sister was so drugged up and drunk she had no clue her little sister was injured. I fought through the crowd and retrieved the child. She was limp like a rag doll in my arms. I checked to see if she was breathing, I looked down on her face and it was bloodied up and bruised bad. I immediately called 911,  I started to panic and found Austin among the crowd, the emergency operator on the phone was asking me for the address of the venue. I asked Austin and he was also very drunk and just kept shouting “COURTLAND PLACE!!!”, “NO” I shouted back “NOT YOUR PARENT’S HOUSE!!!, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE!” He didn’t help. I did not know what to tell the operator. I don’t know if the little girl was dead or not.



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