So I think I should never eat a spicy beef chimichanga before going to bed. It is a recipe for some really crazy dreams.

There were two parts to my dream; one was a nightmare and the other nice but surreal.

I was in a neighborhood walking around, and I see Jacob. I run into a house trying to get away from him, he followed me into the house but never said a word. The silence continued as I locked myself in a room for a while. Finally when I decide to open the door something large swung towards me. It was Jacob hanging from his neck, blood pouring out of his mouth. I tried to close to the door, but his body was jamming it. I was crying and also screaming so loud that I woke myself up—now I am awake and thinking of how terrifying that dream was. I close my eyes once more.

Dream 2

Robert and I were walking around another neighborhood. This  neighborhood was quite nice but had a very distinctive feature. Imagine a lawn in front of a house, now imagine the sidewalks. So, the sidewalks remain intact, but replace all grass in the lawn with water, crystal clear chlorinated water. Each “waterlawn” was complete with amazing water fountains, or weird water obstacle courses. The only way to get to a house was to either swim or complete an obstacle course or you would just have to stay on the sidewalk. Robert and I continued walking admiring our surroundings. He told me some really sad news, so I hugged him. It was a real nice and sincere hug that lasted a few seconds. I closed my eyes for a second while I was hugging him and suddenly I felt this strange “pull?” all over my body. I opened them and I was alone in a huge sandlot in the middle of some Industrial/fallout looking desolate city. My hands hurt, I look down upon them and they are wrapped in barbed wire. I start running, to try to get some help. My hands hurt so much, and then I wake up.

The End.



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