Sinking vehicle

This dream was pretty damn funny. I really hope it isn’t a premonition. Regardless, I had a blast dreaming it.

I was driving down a weird wooden road, it was a boardwalk I guess. I was driving my car. Austin was in the passenger seat. Jim and some other person were sitting in the backseat. So I decided to take a short cut. I realized too late, that the shortcut was closed off now. So I had to make a U-turn. The wooden road was real narrow and suspended in the air a bit over a large pond. I was in reverse when my back tires went over the edge. Down we went into the pond. It was extremely disappointing to see my car slowly sink into the algea filled pond. The stale water had an unbelievable stench. We all got out of the car as swam to safety. I was cracking up, realizing what a shitty mistake that was. Jim was really apathetic and just jumped back into the pond and dissapeared. Austin had a look of shock on his face. I just continued to laugh.

The end.






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