Impossible Topography

I’ve never been to San Francisco before. For some reason I dreamt about it, but specifically dreamt about its topography.

I was walking down a street that looked normal. Once I got to what looked like the “end” of the sidewalk, it really wasn’t the end instead the street descended in an extremely deep incline. Cars where parked, Houses were lined up along the street and people were walking down it. Though I could barely walk down! My foot slipped and down the hill I tumbled. It was extremely terrifying. Rolling down I built up so much momentum, I thought I would hit something at high speed and die. I finally made it to the bottom of the hill. I realized I missed the house I had to go visit, it was midway up the hill. How could I walk up it!? I realized there was a net beside the sidewalk and saw a guy climbing up it. So in order to get back up, I had to climb back up the hill. It was nuts.



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