Alternate Universe

I had a dream that took place in a parallel universe in which my parents were still together. My sister and I were visiting them in NY, and everything was as it is today but with slight differences. My sister had her current baby, but also was pregnant. My mom was still alive but she was sick, but we were all hopeful. My dad was healthy and they still lived together. My sister and I had to move a box of something into the basement, and I remember thinking she shouldn’t be helping as she was pregnant. The end.


Baby Skunk and the Royal Family

So I had a dream that was basically a children’s movie. I wasn’t actually in it, either. Basically there was this series of brothers and sisters who wore matching uniforms, as they were all part of the royal family. They stumbled upon a skunk one day, who was still a baby. The skunk told them that an evil man had killed his father and left him orphaned. The family set out to exact revenge for the little creature. That same night, the same evil man came to the castle and beheaded the King and Queen. The children of the royal family witnessed the entire thing from the balcony in shock and horror. They escaped with their lives, and went to live in another castle while they plotted their revenge! The skunk was still with them.

The end!

Season 2

Today inexplicably beings Season 2 of Lety & Robert’s dreams! New dreams, new design, and new graphics for your viewing displeasure await you in the days and months and years ahead! In store this season: ghosts, goblins, cobras, desert landscapes, dessert landscapes, subconscious nonsense, oxford commas,¬†and probably much more! Who will be the victor of Dream Wars 2013? How often will the contestants dream? Who will survive- and what will be left of them? Only time will tell!

No Dreams

I am just updating this because, I need to update this. I have had dreams, I just forget to blog them. I also just get lazy. My life has been pretty hectic. I don’t know if Robert has updated. Oh well… I will be back dream blog. PERHAPS TOMORROW MORNING.

Venus Rover

I had a dream that my friends Abby and Kris and I all were walking around a warehouse type area that sold many different things. We were laughing at everything and having a good old time. Soon, we found all these strange computer parts. Kris ended up buying a Venus Rover robot for only $239,999. I woke up feeling like I had a really really good time hanging out with friends.


I had a dream that my friend Joel drinks Gevalia coffee, which has annoying commercials and bad design. The end.

Dark Dog

I had a dream I was lying on a sofa in Hill House, form the book I am reading (The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Check it out! It is fantastic!).

I looked over and across the room there was a giant dog lounging on the sofa opposite me. It had elongated features and almost looked like a wolf but had shorter hair. It was very threatening looking. I remember thinking it could tear my face off if it wanted to.