Ghost Museum

I had a dream that my dad and I were going to a ghost museum on an island. We walked to the island when I found a balloon and I told my dad I would meet him there. I spun the balloon around and it hoisted me into the air and I floated away. I landed in the hotel portion of the museum.

When my dad showed up we went to a meeting room to meet my sister. We were all talking about various things when my dad said “Doesn’t this picture of my friend look like Hank Hill?” And handed me a picture. I tried to look at it but it was pulled out of my hands by a mysterious force. I knew it was a ghost!

I went down to the common area and looked at a small exhibition there. There was a spiderweb with a mouse stuck in it. The exhibit was about a genetically altered mouse that grew maggots inside it for the spiders to eat.

I went to the TV area and there were a bunch of people watching TV. I told them of the ghost that ripped the picture out of my hands but they didn’t believe me. So we all went back up to that room and I held out a cabinet card with a picture of a baby on it. Once again it was ripped out of my hands by an unseen force!

The others didn’t believe it was real at first but the more it happened they believed it.

The next morning I woke up and wanted to go to the museum. I was on my way and then I woke up.

Immature Adults

I had a dream that I was working for a competitor of Marvel Comics. We invited them over to our studio for a mixer and a tour. In reality we were attempting to steal information about their plans for The Avengers film. Unfortunately, every attempt by me to steal their paperwork was foiled by an unexpected tickle fight or something. It was very frustrating. Then a giant worm swallowed the studios and we all died. The end.

Cheese Beard

I had a dream that I was shaving in the mirror. My beard was thick strings of mozzarella and it was really hard to manage the length. I kept messing up and going shorter & shorter until I got angry and simply shaved it all off. La fin.

Rich Friend

I had a dream my friend won $7.5 million. I asked him to buy me a Jetta station wagon, because those are sort of neat. That’s it.

Lip Peeling

I had a dream that the skin on my lips was peeling off in long layers. Weird.

Concentration Camp

I had a dream that I was put into a concentration camp for certain types of people. The dream wasn’t specific to which kind of people were imprisoned. But there we were, trapped in these big outdoor chambers. Well, a group of us orchestrated some plan to blow the place up. We were able to sneak into the rooms that kept the place running and cause them to malfunction. The place overheated by accident, however, and caused an explosion that killed all the prisoners and most of the staff except for the evil lady who ran the place. The rest of my dream was me chasing this woman down (mostly on foot) and attempting to kill her. I caused her a lot of violence before she revealed to me that she had a child. Then her and her child started kissing in a creepy way that was super incesty so I killed them both. The end!

Lucid Dream Attempt 1

I attempted a method that encourages lucid dreaming to no avail. I had a short dream in which I was drinking blueberry yogurt.

I will keep trying this method until I have a lucid dream!